What is ReleaseForm.app ?

(0) What is ReleaseForm.app

ReleaseForm.app is a website that allows anyone to complete your release forms on their own phones without downloading anything.

This is done by going to www.releaseform.app and following the guided steps to complete any form.

There are lots of e-signature apps for Realtors and lawyers emailing contracts back-and-forth, but we are 100% focused on serving production companies.

What separates us from competitors like DocuSign is that we are the best option for completing custom forms in person with someone you just met.

We’re the only option that allows you to setup your custom forms so that someone you just met in person can quickly fill out and sign your releases.


(1) Getting started with ReleaseForm.app

Go to www.releaseform.app, it’s not .com it’s .app, and click on the Sign Up Button.

On this screen you’ll enter your information and click done.

That’s it. You’ve created an account.

An automated email will be sent to confirm your email address, so please check your spam folder if you don’t see it.


(2) Collecting releases

You will need an account to review completed releases in the field, but you do not actually need an account to collect completed forms.

To collect a release you just need to know the unique code for the release you’re collecting.

The unique code is created by the person who created the project and needs to be shared with you via email, text, or in person.

There are three ways to collect releases:

  1. Just tell someone the code
  2. Post a sign stating the code
  3. Text or email the code/instructions

A backup fourth option if someone doesn’t have a phone or their battery died is to simply enter the code into your own phone and hand your phone to them.


(3) Reviewing completed releases in the field


Even though you don’t technically need a ReleaseForm.app account to collect releases, it’s recommended that you have one so that you can confirm that forms are completed correctly.

While logged into your account you can easily review completed forms to make sure no one accidentally or intentionally filled them out incorrectly.

An incorrectly filled out form is one where someone accidentally types their name in the address field or makes a similar mistake. Alternatively, the problem could be intentional if some joker in an effort to skirt correctly completing the form obviously fills it out with incorrect information.

To review and if necessary flag an incorrectly completed form, you’ll need access that’s granted by accepting a project invitation from the creator who setup these releases.

After initially creating an account you’ll likely see this screen explaining that someone who setup a project will need to share access with you.

Once you’ve been invited to a project you’ll see one like this example.

Now, you can review releases and when necessary flag individual releases which the person overseeing the project can later decide if they want to delete.

Of course, you’ll still need to get the person who incorrectly completed a form to fill out the same form for a second time, but hopefully this time correctly.

(4) Creating Projects

Once you’ve created an account, you’ll see a screen like this.


If you’re creating your first project click on create project.

After entering your company’s payment information you can now begin unloading blank releases and setting the input fields so these forms can quickly be completed on set.

This next part is very important. We’re going to talk about Input Fields.

Because you’re using your custom release forms, it’s very very important that you spend a few minutes making sure the input fields are properly placed on your forms.

Input Fields are little boxes you’ll place on the document to designate the exact size and location of the text you need signers to place on the document.

If you don’t place these Input Fields correctly, the contact information users enter when completing your forms will not show up on the correct lines and as a result might not be readable.

In order for people being released to see something like this (switch to show what signing screen looks like), you’ll first need to take a few minutes to set this up.

This next part will take 10 minutes, but will save you countless hours over the course of your show.

Once you’ve spent five minutes setting up a template it’s very important that you spend five more minutes testing what happens if you complete a release form the way the people you’re releasing eventually will.

This will allow you to catch any mistakes you might have made before people in the field start collecting releases.

I can’t stress enough that pretending to be someone completing this form will make sure it is setup correctly and will ensure everything goes smoothly in the weeks and months ahead.

(5) Security

Signed documents are archived and protected from further changes.

Ability to turn off when forms can be accessed

Server security and redundant backups

Ability to download files anytime for self storage / backup

Stripe payment processing trusted by huge companies

Ability to review forms in person to avoid spam completions

AWS trusted by huge companies.


(6) What this experience looks like for the people completing your forms.

Here’s what the form completion process looks like for someone being released.

Someone completing a release form will be directed to get on their phone and go to www.releaseform.app

From here it’s following the prompts to “Sign a form” and then entering the unique code they’ve been told either verbally in person or from a posted printed out sign.

Optional signage is automatically generated in case you find it easiest to post or circulate printed instructions.


After entering the unique code, straightforward instructions walk users through steps to complete the specific release form you need to use.

People being released are able to review the document, complete, sign, add a selfie, and even email themselves a copy after submitting a completed form to you.

That’s it.

Even though this system was designed for and marketed to the production companies collecting releases, the people actually completing the forms also enjoy a much easier time completing your releases.