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Frequently asked questions

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Should I use this?
Is this the best option for my situation?

You already know the problems with standard paper releases, or you wouldn’t be reading this.

No other e-signature app is as tailored to your situation, built by people who have been in your shoes, and has such predictable costs for the entire team (freelance and staff).

Years of doing this has taught us that collecting electronic signatures is the easy part. Organizing, storing, and sharing your releases is important, but the real puzzle that we’ve solved is how to electronically complete your custom forms and create a hassle-free releasing experience for everyone involved.

We understand production and pride ourselves on being a hassle-free and secure way of dealing with releases.

How does someone complete and sign my release form on their own phone without downloading anything?

Collecting releases is as simple as sharing the unique code that you pick for each blank form.

Send your signees to to follow the few guided steps.

So simple, you can just tell them verbally in person.

So handy, you can print a generated handout and post instructions.

So shareable, you can share via email, text, or a call anytime before, during, or after a shoot.

More specifically, can you break down the steps of how this works?

[If you’re only collecting and reviewing releases, you can skip straight to Step 4]

Step 1) Upload a custom release you need to use over and over again.

Step 2) Place “Input Fields” on the form so our app knows what info (e.g. name, date, signature, photo of signer, etc.) is required and exactly where it should be placed on your form.

Step 3) Create a “Custom Code” for the release form template that you just set up.

Tip: Make the code something short and easy to communicate and remember.

Step 4) Tell people you’re releasing:

We need you to sign a release. Will you please take out your phone and go to the website Click on sign a form, enter the code ‘Example’, follow the steps and let me know when you’re done. Thanks.”

If for any reason it’s easier, you can just follow Step 4 on your own phone and hand it over for someone to complete a release on your phone.

Alternatively, just post a sign (we automatically create printable signs for you) with the info.

Free plan
How much does this cost?

It’s free, if you’re creating an account to collect and review releases (on set or in post).

It’s $100 per month to start and manage a project.

Can I try the premium features for free to see if it’s worth it?

Of course. Start your first project, and try it for free for 90 days.

Getting started
How do I start using Release Form App?

Sign up for a free account.

If you’re creating an account to collect and review releases, ask someone who has already set up a project to share access with you.

If you’re creating an account to start and manage projects, sign up on a laptop and follow the few guided steps to set up your first project.

I still have questions, can I email someone?

Absolutely. Please email us at support@

We genuinely want to hear from you and see if we’re a good fit for your situation.

Seriously, if you’re thinking about emailing us, just do it.