Comparing appearance release form apps

What differentiates

from DocuSign, HelloSign, SignNow, SignEasy, AdobeSign, etc.

  • Quickly release groups

    Anyone can quickly complete forms on their own phone, optimal for releasing large or small groups. Other e-signature apps require an email exchange or their downloaded app to complete forms – impractical for most productions.

  • Review completed releases on set

    An unlimited number of freelance or staff PA’s, AD’s, coordinators, AP’s, etc. can easily review signed releases on set to make sure they’re completed correctly. Questionable ones can be flagged for a production manager to review later.

  • Production release form app

    Production workflow

    Show/project specific billing, flexibility for short or long term projects, automatic sorting by release type (appearance, location, minor, etc.), suited for W-9 freelances and production staff.

  • Flat monthly price

    One predictable flat monthly price regardless of the number of users, amount of people collecting releases, blank release form templates uploaded, or completed release forms filled out. Cancel anytime.

Hi, I’m John John DeLeon , the creator of, a website where anyone can complete your forms on their phone.


I’ve thought a lot about release form apps and learned that some e-signature apps have grown into billion dollar companies that are great for emailing signed contracts back and forth with a Realtor, but aren’t great for collecting releases on most shoots.


Those big corporations (e.g. DocuSign, HelloSign, AdobeSign, SignEasy, SignNow, etc.) grew to the sizes they are today by focusing on mainstream industries (legal, sales, etc.) that regularly email contracts back-and-forth between people working together on long-term projects.


However, when it comes to releasing large groups of people you just met, the options in the App Store disappoint.


The few apps that do offer in person signing options still want you to first enter the name and email address of the signers before sharing forms. That’s just not practical on most sets.


A table below compares features of DocuSign, HelloSign, AdobeSign, etc. but the main differentiator that matters is that only one option is designed for having lots of people you just met quickly fill out your specific form in person.


Plus, is the only choice that provides you with a backend admin dashboard designed for production companies that regularly work with freelancers that need to be able to review completed releases on set.


Comparing appearance release form apps

“ dominates categories that matter for production because it’s designed by people in production.”




 is not a native iOS or Android app downloaded on your phone.

It’s a web app that anyone can access to complete releases.

Here’s how it works (magic’s in Step 2):

  • 1

    Upload your PDF

    Upload a PDF of your blank release and place “input fields” on your form that will tell the app to automatically convert the required info into a list so signers can quickly fill out on their phones.

  • 2

    Set input fields

    The input fields are converted to lists for signers to complete and once submitted, the app places the signature and typed info onto the correct blank spaces on the now completed form.

  • 3

    Sign on any phone

    You create a unique code word for signers to access your release form on their phones before, during, or after a shoot.

  • 4

    Collect completed forms

    Share the code word you created with anyone you need to complete a release by following the instructions directly below.

When you turn on access, a unique code grants permission to your specific form.

  • 1

    Send your signees to …

    “We need you to sign a release. Will you please take out your phone and go to the website”

  • 2

    … to follow the few guided steps.

    “Click on sign a form, enter the code ‘Example’, follow the steps and let me know when you’re done. Thanks.”

Collecting releases is as simple as sharing the unique code that you pick for each blank form.

  • So simple

    You can just tell them.
    Verbally. In person.

  • So handy

    You can print a generated handout and post instructions.

  • So shareable

    You can share the page via email, text or a call anytime before, during or after the shoot.

Who benefits from a release form app designed for production releases?

  • Never forget to bring a release.
  • Don’t worry about losing releases.
  • Impress clients.
  • Take pictures of signees with your phone.
  • Stop carrying pens and printouts.
  • Easily email releases.
  • Automatic organization.
  • Readable - no penmanship guessing.
  • Never lose a release.
  • Stop scanning releases.
  • Easily share with networks / studios.
  • Instant organization.
  • No more stacks of releases.
  • Accessible from anywhere.
  • Stop storing releases in binders.
  • Readable - no penmanship guessing.
  • Auto-organized online folders for every project.
  • Stop sending emails trying to track down signed releases.
  • Forget about storing releases in binders.
  • Stop scanning signed releases.
  • Minimize clutter.
  • Readable - no penmanship guessing.
  • Instantly receive an emailed copy of any release before and/or after signing.
  • More fun to sign.
  • No pens to deal with.
  • Never search for a hard surface to write on.
  • More professional.

Three options:

  • Option 1

    Keep using paper & pen while knowing there has to be a better way – a production manager for Lip Sync Battle told me, “I’ve been doing paper releases and I want to stab myself in the face. lol”

  • Option 2

    Hack around with an electronic signature app built for Realtors, lawyers, or yoga studios and hopefully there’s sort of a way to make it work decent enough for some of your shoots.

  • Production release form app

    Option 3

    Check out a new website where anyone can complete your releases from their own phones without downloading anything. It’s right here at



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